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Posted on: February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017 (Nassau, Bahamas) – The Department of Inland Revenue introduces its VAT Stamp Correspondence Portal.

The VAT Stamp Correspondence Portal allows our clients to electronically submit conveyances and other supporting documents (sales agreements and appraisal reports) which are required for the assessment of Value Added Tax on property transfers.

Such documents are to be sent to

The submitting client will receive an automated response confirming receipt of documents, be able to track the progress of transactions and receive messages regarding submissions.

When submitting documents to the portal the following points should be strictly adhered to:

  • The subject line should include both the attorney and client’s names as well as a contact number
  • Documents are to be sent as PDF files
  • The email size should not exceed 20MB

For more information:

Contact The Vat Stamp Unit at (242) 461-8042 or our Call Centre at (242) 225-7280.
Additionally, visit the department’s website at or email

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