Import of Goods

Direct Import of Goods in Recovery Zones

All goods under the SERZ Order can be imported into the Recovery Zones (Islands of Abaco, the Abaco Cays, Grand Bahama Island, Sweetings Cay, Deep Water Cay and Water Cay) Tax-Free between December 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020 for use by businesses and residents domiciled in these areas.

Please note, this Disaster Reconstruction Authority “Special Economic Recovery Zone (SERZ) Relief” Order, 2019, has been extended until June 2021, for select key items. 

Click here for information about the extension.

Process for Direct Cargo Imports into the Zone:

  1. Complete the Tax Relief Consolidated Form (SERZ)
  2. In Abaco, submit to Hurricane Dorian One Stop Shop at the Government Complex
  3. In Grand Bahama, submit to the Department of Inland Revenue at the Regency Centre
  4. Expect approximately two working days for the approval process after submission   
  5. Forms can be emailed to or
  6. Approved forms will be emailed directly to clients or they can be collected from the office where form was submitted. 
  7. Approved forms must be uploaded with your Customs Declaration.  

When filing a Customs Declaration, clients should list items under the normal Customs Classification Codes.  However, there will be a unique concession code assigned to Grand Bahama and Abaco to waive all taxes.  


Direct Import of Goods as Accompanied Baggage

  1. Complete the Tax Relief Consolidated Form and submit upon entry.
  2. Once submitted, form will be approved on site by a Customs Officer.


  1. There is an an aggregate value of $5,000 per trip.
  2. This is not for business/ commercial shipments.

All qualifying items outside of this are to go through the established pre-approval process.