Occasional Business Licence

All businesses are required to be licenced under the Business Licence Act 2010.  Any person who wishes to conduct business in the short term must apply for an Occasional Business License.  The period must not exceed seven days.  An Occasional Licence can be granted for a maximum of four times per year. Business ventures that require an occasional business licence include:

  • To carry on a sales business
  • To act as a traveling salesman (non-resident individual)
  • To stage a business event at any place or premises of public dancing, singing, music or other such public entertainment
  • To stage a trade show or expo
  • To vend at regattas, farmers’ market, or national/ community events


Bahamian citizens or Permanent Resident with right to work in The Bahamas or Non-Resident (as a traveling salesman and must have a valid work permit).


  1. Register online via www.vat.revenue.gov.bs.
  2. Scan and upload the approvals along with other supporting documents in the online application form in the ‘Supporting Documents’ section.
  3. Ensure the online Business Registration Application form indicates that it is an Occasional Licence.

Supporting Documents (scan and upload in the‘Supporting Documents’ section of the online form)

  • Copy of valid passport.
  • Letter of approval for event/show.
  • Authorization for use of the business location.
  • Department of Environmental Health Services approval (sale of all food items-liquid or solid).
  • Royal Bahamas Police Force approvals (sale of alcoholic beverages and/ or music and dancing).

Related Taxes(s)

The tax for an Occasional Licence is BS$25.

Once all document requirements are met and approved, the application is then processed within 7 working days.  The Department of Inland Revenue will contact the applicant via the online user account for additional information or clarification if needed. You should regularly check your messages in your online account and the email address you provided for correspondence from the Department.