Payment – VAT

Your VAT return and payment must be received within 21 days after the end of a VAT period. Complete your VAT return and e-file using the Online Tax Administration System at Remember all payments must include the related Tax Identification Number (TIN) and reach the Department of Inland Revenue by the due date. See the table below for acceptable ways to pay VAT.

How Can I Pay My VAT?

1. Using a debit or credit card ( log-in to your online account at to pay) 1. Paying with debit/credit card at the Department of Inland Revenue
2. Via your online banking service 2. Making payment over- the- phone
3. Paying over-the-counter at your bank 3. Presenting cash at Department of Inland Revenue
4. Presenting cash/ manager’s cheque at any Royal Bank of Canada 4. Providing a personal cheque