Department of Inland Revenue Business License Payment Methods

August 27th, 2015 (Nassau, Bahamas) -The Department of Inland Revenue reminds the public that
there are several ways to pay when applying for or renewing your business licence using the
Online Tax Administration System (OTAS). The public needs to ensure that their payments are
being made with respect to Business Licence and not Value Added Tax (VAT).

 1. Via the Government of The Bahamas Online Tax Administration System
For convenience, your online tax account allows you to seamlessly file and pay business licence fees
and VAT online any time. Log-in to your account and pay securely using your debit or credit card.
Your Business Licence balance will be credited immediately. Check with your debit or credit card
provider for restrictions, terms and conditions.

2. Online Banking
Pay Business Licence fees as you do other bills using your bank’s online banking service. To set up
the payee, select Business Licence and ensure that your business licence number/Tax
Identification Number (TIN) is carefully entered. Contact your bank for additional instructions.

3. Cash or Cheque at RBC
Pay Business Licence fees in person at any RBC branch by providing your TIN and the amount to be
paid. You should specify to the teller that the payment is for Business Licence and not Value
Added Tax (VAT).

The addition of the business licence section to OTAS creates a convenient online experience for
business owners and taxpayers. OTAS users can easily complete business licence and VAT
registrations in one online environment, any place and anytime with internet access.

The Department of Inland Revenue (CRA) is now located at the rear of the Shops at Carmichael
Plaza, Carmichael Road.

For further information, email or
Call toll free at (242) 225-7280 or (242) 461-8050.